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Straight from Castle Age: Heart of Darkness[]

Faust! Crusaders of Darkness![]

July 27, 2011 by Vulcan

Faust the Betrayer now unlocked for battle!
Also join the Crusaders of Darkness to get access to polls, special content, and promotions!


Random Information[]

  • Faust!
    • After Belial now comes the betrayer. Fight this tough SOB and obtain new shinies!
  • New Alchemy Recipe!
    • Combine Decimation Sword with some Amulet of Betrayal and Blood of the Betrayer and put up a 60,000,000 capital to obtain the betrayer Faust himself as a guardian![citation needed]
  • Crusaders!
    • What to get in on the latest content developments in CA:HoD? Want some juicy skill points as well? Join Crusaders and help the developers out in giving you the content that you want to see. Convince others to return playing HoD and the devs will reward you skill points for being a good recruiter.