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All confirmed Hero/Level Availability combinations have been marked with a "C".

Oracle Heroes by Level Availability
Min Level for Purchase Hero Hero Ability Description
1 C Aria +Max Energy
10 C Lyra +X Attack ( 2 Att/ lv 1 - 4 )
15 C Slayer +Crit Chance
20 C Lailah +Player Defense & +Max Energy
25 C Fenris +Player Attack
30 C Scarlett +% Hourly Income
35 C Kaiser +X% Crit Chance
40 C Barbarus Multiply Monster Power Attack Cost & Damage; +X% Monster Hunter
45 C Kataan +2 Hero Attack & Defense on Hero Level Gain
50 C Suri +Player Defense per Hero Owned
55 C Solara Convert Max Energy to Max Stamina
60 C Zin +Stamina on Next Attack (24 hr cooldown)
65 C Elora +Player Attack & -Max Energy
70 C Azul +Player Attack & +Player Defense
75 C Gawain +10 Attack on Next X Attacks (6 hr cooldown)
80 C Crissana +All Player Stats
85 C Sanna +Heal as Cleric passive ability (Guild Battle Only)
90 C Deshara +Damage as Rogue (Guild Battle Only)
95 C Therian +Player Attack vs Monsters
100 C Dolomar +Crit Chance
105 C Oberon +Max Health as a Warrior
110 C Daphne Deflect Damage (Guild Battle Only)
115 C Maalvus Multiply Monster Power Attack Cost & Damage; +Crit Chance
120 C Tyxeros Randomize Base Damage (Guild Battle Only)
125 C Aethyx +Poison Damage/Duration (Guild Battle Only)
130 C Syren +% Chance to Confuse (Guild Battle Only)
135 C Shivak +% to Fortitude (Guild Battle Only)
140 C Meekah +Damage to Confidence (Guild Battle Only)
145 C Anya +% Chance to Polymorph (Guild Battle Only)
150 C Alexandria + Mage Damage (Guild Battle Only)
155 C Caine +X% Monster Hunter
160 C Ephraline +% Chance to Confuse , + Mage Damage (Guild Battle Only)
165 C Rafaria Wound/Lacerate: -Health (Guild Battle Only)
170 C Joan Sentinel/Guardian: +Protect & +Resist (Guild Battle Only)
175 C Tefaera Revive/Resurrection: +Health (Guild Battle Only)
180 C Xelia Illusion/Mirror Image: -% Chance to Dispel (Guild Battle Only)
185 C Aesir¹ +Physical Pierce
C Vanir¹ +Physical Resistance
190 C Frost +Physical Pierce & +Water Offense
195 C Feredir¹ +Physical Pierce & +Wind Offense
C Erynion¹ +Physical Resistance & +Wind Defense
200 C Kanbe +Physical Pierce & +Earth Offense; Divine Power: 20
205 C Zolthar +Physical Resistance & +Earth Defense
210 C Kendra +Physical Resistance & +Water Defense
215 C Brakus +Physical Pierce & +Fire Offense
220 C Ravendor +Physical Resistance & +Fire Defense
225 C Sorkan +X Player Attack against Monsters
230 C Annika +Physical Pierce
235 C Vanathan +Physical Resistance
240 C Elyvita Evade: +X% chance
245 C Muse +X% damage to Mage passive ability (Guild Battles only)
250 C Dawn +X% heal to Cleric passive ability (Guild Battles only)
255 C Attilius

Whirlwind: +X% damage to surrounding enemy (Guild battles)

260 C Jezale Evade : +X% chance
265 C Sahar +X Player Attack against Monsters
270 C Katherine +Physical Resistance
275 C Bogo Divine Favor: +X% & +Water Offense
¹ Heroes are offered as partners/counterparts. Both heroes have the same level requirement.