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This article is about the Heart of Darkness guardian. For the Castle Age hero, see Persephone
"The Princess of the Fairies from a far away land where the Demi God of War makes his home."
Special Ability
The bank fee for depositing your money is decreased by X%
Origin: Solace
Recruit Method
Obtain as an Epic Drop from Acheron.

Stats & Levels[]

Level Attack Defense Ability
1 7 7 -10% Bank Fee
2 8 8 -20% Bank Fee
3 9 9 -30% Bank Fee
4 10 10 -40% Bank Fee


  • Heart of Darkness' Persephone has a different ability than that of the original Castle Age's Persephone.
    • For those who played Heart of Darkness when it was still in the Castle Age Festival, Persephone must be recruited again to get her in your guardian roster.


In Greek mythology, Persephone is the queen of the underworld, the wife of Hades.