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Pets are characters you can recruit in game to help you in battles, fight monsters, and help recover stamina quicker. Owned pets can be found Heroes & Pets tabs, and owned pet eggs can be found in the Keep.

Recruiting Pets[]

The first pet available was Forest Faerie, who could be recruited for free on the main screen of the game. Additional pets can be purchased from the Oracle (Favor Pets) or obtained through special events.

An A-Z photo gallery of all pets is at Pets Gallery.

Active Pet[]

While players are expected to be able to have several pets, you can only have 3 pets active in your Current Battle Array. Your Active Pets contributes their Attack, Defense, and any special abilities when in Guild Battles and fighting monsters.

There are several ways to switch Active Pets:

  • Go to the Pets tab from the main navigation and then click on the Set button to change the Battle Array on the current loadout.
    • Click the Link 1 box to activate, and then the pet you wish to use (to change an existing pet, click the box, then 'Remove Pet.' Select new pet to fill spot). Be sure to click 'Save Change' when finished to save update.
    • Click the Link 2 box to activate, and then the pet you wish to use (to change an existing pet, click the box, then 'Remove Pet.' Select new pet to fill spot). Be sure to click 'Save Change' when finished to save update.
  • Go to the Loadouts tab from the Keep menu and select the loadout to update.
    • Click the Pets section and update following same instructions as above. You must Save Change to each link box for the update to work.
  • Click the Link options from the home page, next to the preview of your current General and Loadout.

Each pet has different Attack and Defense stats which helps determine your battle power in duels and they each add their own special ability, which has one of a variety of effects on gameplay.

Pet Types/Race[]

Each pet is classified as one of three types: Dragon, Faerie, or Demon. These types affect the materials necessary to upgrade pets at certain levels (multiples of 5).

Each race will contribute different attribute bonus as they are equipped based on their levels. For example, if rabbit (level 35) is in battle (in active loadout) and viper (level 28) is in battle, you will receive Faerie level 30 bonus and Demon level 20 bonus. If you have multiple of the same race in battle, your bonus will be the sum of their levels. For example, if rabbit (level 35) and forest faerie (level 25) are in battle (in your linked loadout), their combined level is 60. You will receive the level 60 bonus as listed below for Faerie.

Pet Attribute Bonus
Level Faerie Dragon Demon
10 +10 attack, +15 defense +12 attack, +12 defense +15 attack, +10 defense
15 +4 Earth Resistance +2 Fire Pierce, +2 Earth Resistance +4 Fire Pierce
20 +10 attack, +15 defense +12 attack, +12 defense +15 attack, +10 defense
30 +10 attack, +15 defense, +20 health rune +12 attack, +12 defense, +10 damage rune, +10 health rune +15 attack, +10 defense, +20 damage rune
45 +10% Faerie Defense +5% Dragon Attack, +5% Dragon Defense +10% Demon Defense
60 +10 Water Resistance, +30 attack, +45 defense +5 Wind Pierce, +5 Water Resistance, +37 attack, +37 defense +10 Wind Pierce, +45 attack, +30 defense
80 +25 defense rune +15 attack rune, +15 defense rune +25 attack rune
90 +30 attack, +45 defense +38 attack, +38 defense +45 attack, +30 defense
100 +15 Fire Resistance +8 Earth Pierce, +8 Fire Resistance +15 Earth Pierce

Linking Pets[]

Linking pets together provides additional pet and player attack and defense bonus stats (player bonus can be seen by viewing the items contributing to the green stats from Keep). Much the same as general linking, pets of different types/race can be linked together, but may reduce buffs when fighting monsters that provide Race Buffs.

Only 3 pets can be linked at this time. Developers will open additional links with future events.

Pet Levels[]

Pets can become stronger by increasing their experience points and leveling them. When a pet gains a level, its attack and defense will increase. Their special ability will improve every fifth level. Every pet begins at level 1, and can be raised to level 5. In order to advance past level 5, the pet level cap must be raised (maximum level of 60).

To level up, you must reach a certain amount of experience using leveling crystals obtained from the Elf Mine (located on main page). Select 'North of the Elf Mine' to earn upgrade crystals. These crystals can be used toward the pet of your choice to increase the pets experience points. As your Mining skill level increases, you will be able to earn more crystals with each excavation. Medium and Large crystals will become available based on mining level and length of excavation time.

  • Pet small upgrade crystal icon: Small upgrade crystal: 25 experience
  • Pet medium upgrade crystal icon: Medium upgrade crystal: 100 experience
  • Pet large upgrade crystal icon: Large upgrade crystal: 500 experience

To increase the pet level cap, you must mine for the elements indicated in the pet stats. Mining will provide element dust that must be alchemized to create the crystals needed to power up. clicking the Power Up button will also allow you to preview the stats for the next level cap (each cap will increase the limit by 5 levels, with increased crystals needed for each cap raise).

  • Pet earth crystal icon: Earth element crystal is alchemized from 10 earth element dust.
  • Pet fire crystal icon: Fire element crystal is alchemized from 5 fire element dust.
  • Pet water crystal icon: Water element crystal is alchemized from 5 water element dust.
  • Pet wind crystal icon: Wind element crystal is alchemized from 10 wind element dust.

At least for the 7 pets examined by now, there is a formula for level progression, based on the XP needed for level 2:

Level Pet XP
1 0
2 x
3 4 * x
4 12 * x
5 32 * x
6 48.6 * x
7 66.15 * x
8 86.4 * x
9 109.35 * x
10 135 * x

Some pets require 75863 experience from level 60 to 61, such as Fire Whelp.

Pet Promotion and Stages[]

When a player owns multiple copies (eggs) of a pet, each duplicate egg will shatter into 30 soul shards when the egg is consumed from the Keep. These shards can be used to promote the pet from the PETS tab. Promoting pets grants them a boost in stats, as well as a boost in ability level if their ability has power upgrades. For example, a 2* pet at level 5 would have the same ability as a 1* pet at level 10 (needs to be verified). The boosts are displayed in the table below.

Promotion is completed in stages. Each stage will increase either the pet attack/defense, or their skill. Select the pet to promote and click on the different stages (third row) to determine the number of soul shards needed, and a preview of what attribute will be increased. When you have enough soul shards, click the Promote button (soul shards are unique to each pet, your current inventory will be displayed below the Promote button). If you do not have enough soul shards for the pet selected, you will receive the message 'Conversion failed.'

If promotion is successful, the pet will advance to a higher stage. Once all stages are completed, the pet will gain another star. At this time, soul shards can only be obtained by eggs from the Oracle (for oracle pets) or special events.

Favor pets (bought from the Oracle pet shop) are capped at 8 eggs*, it is unknown if eggs will be available for purchase in the Mystic Emporium.

Pet Promotion Info
Rank Image Soul Shards needed Soul Shards needed (cumulative) Stage Boost Ability Boost Ability Boost (cumulative) Stats Boost
1 Banner star 1 Star: 0
Stage 1: 10
10 Stage 1: attack/defense increased 5% none (base) none (base)
2 Banner star 2 Star: 30
Stage 1: 20
60 Star: skill improvement x1
Stage 1: attack/defense increased 10%
+3 levels +3 levels (baseStat*1.3)+7

Rounded off

3 Banner star 3 Star: 60
Stage 1: ?
? Star: skill improvement x2
Stage 1: ?
+4 levels +7 levels (baseStat*1.6)+17

Rounded off

4 Banner star 4 Star: ?
Stage 1: 30
Stage 2: 80
? Star: skill improvement x2
Stage 1: attack/defense increased 15%
Stage 2: skill improvement x1
+5 levels +12 levels (baseStat*2)+30

Rounded off

5 Banner star 5 Star: 150
Stage 1: ?
? Stage 1:? +6 levels +18 levels (baseStat*2.4)+44

Rounded off

6 Banner star 6 Star: Stage 1:? +7 levels +25 levels (baseStat*2.6)+61

Rounded off

7 Banner star 7 Star: StageE 1:? +8 levels +33 levels (baseStat*2.8)+85

Rounded off

8 Banner star 8 Star: Stage 1:? +9 levels +42 levels (baseStat*3.0)+105

Rounded off

Note: Ability ranks past 4 are projected, as currently there is no method to obtain the ingredients past this stage.
Note: Ability and Stat boosts are not verified.

Oracle Favor Pets[]

  • These can be purchased using Favor Points, through the "Favor Pets" Oracle tab. Each Pet's viability is dependent on your current level.
Pet dear egg icon
Sage of the Forest's egg
Pet crow egg icon
Flame Raven's egg
Pet rabbit egg icon
Elf Rabbit's egg
Pet horse egg icon
Pegasus Elf's egg
Pet diseased rat egg icon
Diseased Rat's egg

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