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【Event Overview】

Match pets and skills in your array, win battles, and defend against others' attacks to earn rank points, advance in ranks, and ultimately obtain rewards!

【Battle Gameplay】

- You can choose different players to battle in PETS BATTLE, and each battle consumes 1 token. Tokens automatically recover at a rate of 1 per hour.

- Strategically set up your PETS BATTLE array and fight against other players. The goal is to defeat opponent(s) in each TOWER of the array and the victorious TOWER gains higher points. Add all TOWERS points in the array and the player with the highest points is deemed the winner of the battle.

【Array Setting】

- You can set up defense and offense arrays.

- In the array setting, Tower 1 is fixed for your character and cannot be equipped with skills.

- You can set pets and skills for Towers 2-3. You must deploy at least one pet to participate in battle.

- The same pet can only be deployed in one position, but the same skill can be configured in different positions.

- In the event, you'll receive default pets from three different races that can only be used in this event.

- If you haven't set an array upon entering the event, the system will automatically set up your offense and defense arrays based on the highest attack and defense stats.

【Ranking & Rewards】

- Opponent's rank determines how many War Points you will gain or lose

- The higher your opponent's rank relative to yours, the more points you gain for winning. You can earn rank points from the same player battles up to 5 times a day.

- Losing Pets Battle will subtract Rank Points from you. You can only lose rank points up to 25 times per day due to defensive failures

- Defensive victories can also earn rank points. You can only earn up to 25 points per day from defensive wins

- You can lose rank points but will never move down a rank

- Rewards will be awarded automatically after you complete the rank

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