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Take X Less Damage in Guild Monsters and Battles
Rune Bonus
Resist (X/2)% of attacker's Damage Rune
Class: All


Level Effect Obtained From
I Resists 10 damage, and
Resists 5% of attacker's Damage Rune
Guild Shop
II Resists 20 damage, and
Resists 10% of attacker's Damage Rune
Guild Shop
III Resists 30 damage, and
Resists 15% of attacker's Damage Rune
Guild Shop
IV Resists 40 damage, and
Resists 20% of attacker's Damage Rune
Guild Shop


  • Resistance is a passive ability that works for every duel battle while it is equipped.
  • There has now been a recent update to this ability: For every point of damage resisted, the defender also resists half that value taken from the attacker rune benefit. So if you resist 40 damage, you will resist an additional 20% of the attackers rune benefit.
  • Resistance only affects the base damage inflicted and a percentage of the attackers Damage Rune benefit (up to 20% with Resistance IV). Bonus damage caused by other powers like Leadership, Confidence, Poison and the abilities of generals Deianira, Daphne and Persephone are not affected by resistance. This is evidenced when a Rogue's Evade triggers as all bonus damages are unaffected even with the power equipped.
  • Warrior Whirlwind cleave damage ignores resistances of the adjacent enemies.
  • Resistance is included in the battle calculation on the effects of Mana Shield and Sentinel. It does not however contribute to the successful repelling of Polymorph and Confuse spells.
  • Resistance levels must be purchased in order by levels. The game forces you to do so.
  • Resistance works even if the attacker is stunned.

General Boost[]

General Comment
Tora Tora Corruption Chest Hero. Tora absorbs 25 points of damage from an attack and deflects 25 points of damage + 12,5% of your damage rune back to the attacker (level 4). She only works while defending attacks.
Daphne Daphne Guild Battle Hero. Daphne negates 20 points of damage from an attack, and reflects 20 points of damage + 10% of your damage rune back to the attacker. Although Daphne does not enhance the performance of resistance, she only works while defending attacks. Can be purchased through Oracle at Level 110.
Persephone Persephone Similar to Daphne but has a weaker bonus. Persephone's ability adds 1 level of resistance (absorbs/deflects 10 damage + 5% of your damage rune) but also only works while defending. She is a free general in comparison but the method to acquire her has been removed from the game.

Special Inclusion[]

  • None


  • Equipping this skill is almost mandatory for all guild battlers. Those with titanic health (6000+) could probably do away with this but for majority of the player-base, this is a must to prolong survival.


  • Resistance is a necessity active guild battlers with a possible exception to those which have monster health tanks (6000+). It promotes survival which is the determining factor between winning and losing in guild battles. It should be the one of the first items to spend your guild coins on, if not the first.


  • The picture in the ability is siege weapon Holy Smite.