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Stamina Potion (new look)

Upon consuming a Stamina Potion alone Stamina Potion, you gain 10 Stat stamina stamina (up to your maximum).

You can get Stamina Potions from either Demi-Blessings, or from the Elven Sanctum. The Elven Sanctum gives you a chance to get one each day, with the chance increasing every day until you get one from the Sanctum. Once you get one in this way, the chance resets itself. It seems that your chance getting it will increase until the 5th day, when you will get a Stamina Potion, guaranteed.

It is unknown at this time if there is a maximum number of Stamina Potions one can have in their inventory at one time, though it is confirmed that the limit, if does exist, is higher than that of energy potions (40).[1] Since Stamina Potions are both more rare and more useful than their energy counterparts, the truth may not be known for some time.


  1. See this image.

Test OK : with 113 Stamina Potion, it works, we don't lose any when we use one :-)

I have had as many 210+ Stamina Potions without problems.

I have 300. No issues. 02:52, April 30, 2013 (UTC)

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