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Here is a list of strategy guides that apply to Castle Age. If you would like advice on how to play the game, this is the place to look (on the wiki). This is different from the other guides like the "Keep Guide" which only lists information and generally does not explain how to use the information to your advantage. If anyone wishes to bring over their strategy guide from the forums (or someplace else), please link it to this page for everyone's convenience. If you want to write up a new guide on this wiki, thank you!

Please do not automatically take the guides from the forums (or anywhere else) and put them on the wiki (unless you are the author of the particular guide in question). The authors of the guides have the right to either add their guides here, or not to if they wish. Please respect their rights.

Do you want to add a guide, but don't know anything about editing the wiki? Check out Vincent's Guide to Adding Strategy Guides.

Leveling Strategy Guide[]

Raid Strategy Guide[]

Invader Strategy Guides[]

Duelist Strategy Guides[]

War Strategy Guides[]

Equipment Guide[]

Hero Strategy Guides[]

Monster Strategy Guides[]

Guild Battle Strategy Guides[]

Chaos Campaign Strategy Guide[]

Random Strategy Guides[]

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