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due to my presence on the forums being missed i'm writing this article to be filled with useful comments on the game and some miscellaneous strategy tips as they come up!


We now have Campaign mode, which you can enter at level 200, but the real minimum level seems to be around level 500 in order to complete the hardest Easy Campaign tasks.  Many people are having problems getting demi points because they don't want to pray to a demi god and increase a stat they have placed a cap on.  The only other option is to hunt easy monsters for their demi point drop, but of course that takes a lot of stamina, even with one stamina hits, and more importantly it takes dedication of time and effort to collect demi points. My view on Campaigns is that it forces players to rethink their builds and strategies and is overall very good game design.

More comments as they occur to me!


thexbob The Math Ninja wrote a concise and correct analysis on forums on what these campaign rewards really mean, and that is, they are a more effective use of your resources than hunting the most recent monsters for alchemy ingredients to alchemize the latest loot.  Even if you are doing 3 billion damage for 1 task, the gem itself could be the equivalent of doing Astaroths for the Astaroth blade, and 2 weeks is much faster, and your gem could even be BETTER than the Astaroth blade.  The only downside is that campaigns are the death knell of dinosaur builds who do almost NO monster hunting, and the direction of the game has moved further and further away from PvP to monster hunting in the past couple of years.



I just collected on an easy campaign.

A couple things to note. I collected over 100 demi-points from hitting easy monsters for minimum activity to get demi-points to drop. I spent approximately 1500 stamina doing so, but if I really wanted to, I could have gotten the whole 800 points from monster drops, and 1400 demipoints is not out of the question if I had refused to pray for them. Easy campaigns, IF YOU HAVE THE EQUIPMENT SLOTS, are by far the most resource-efficient way to spend your resources. Compare 3% bonus at common gems to 7% bonus at epic gems. Epic Campaigns are easily over 100 times as resource intensive as Common Campaigns, so if you have the slots, just do EASY Campaigns until you have no empty slots left, then graduate to the NORMAL and HARD when you want gems that you will be switching in to replace the serviceable COMMON gems you have collected.



It occurs to me that the reward you get in Campaign is tied to the tasks you are given to complete, eg do evade tasks and your gem gets a percent bonus to evade.  I'll investigate this further and publish my results, but it will take a lot of data to confirm.


latest results:

Ss5-24-16 2


Bestamongsttheworst writes:  

Third Campaign -- Normal mode (first two was Easy)

Trade: 10k essence of Health, Damage, and Defense Collect 1K in guild coins 1K Demi pts from Aurora 15 Green Crystals 10% dmg on 9xAurora (64 mil), 5xKesey (75 mil) and 2xVargulius (226 mil).

I bought the promo pack so the 1K guild coins and 3 of the green crystals were completed. I hit 3 Aurora's so far and with Dark Rage, takes about 1,400 stamina to get to 64 mil dmg. Waiting for both Varg's to die. Then will be hitting rest of mobs for green crystals. I had to get the Varg's out of the way since they interfere with my leveling up process. I am expecting 24 to 27 stamina refills or about 200 to 225 FP's.

My response is:

Dude, you're spending waaay too much!  I did hard campaign with less than ten refills or 75 fp.  I'm doing normal campaign on natural regen only.  Here is my progress (screenshot).



Bestamongsttheworst writes:

"2) Be a parasite like Da Wimsta -- he claimed to receive as much as 1K of lumber a day off the hard work of his teammates. In summary, find a guild with great snipers and enjoy the benefits like daily welfare checks.

The more conventional approach is to join the tail end (last 5 or 10 minutes) of a 100v battle and collect wood & iron. You get the same amount of lumber & iron for a 2-HR battle or a few minutes in 100v."

Let's take a look at DaWimsta's guild's lands:

Ss6-2-16 2

WoB Guild Lands as of 1:35 pm

239 iron and 455 lumber.  About par for the course.  Godfather crew today has 283 iron and 565 lumber, so

Elvis' guild kicks Warriors of Blood's ass in the mist lands department.  My view on parasites?  There are a number of casual players in my guild who don't participate in the mist land transfers, but they collect hero crystals and wood/iron just the same.  I don't really mind.  As long as they don't go to castleageforums and shoot their mouth off like DaWimsta does I have nothing against parasitism. Let's look at VoV:

Ss6-2-16 3

VoV guild lands and defenders, 9:08 pm

You can see that they only have 3 lands, 74 iron and 148 lumber.  It would take them 7 months to get 70k donation points, as compared to 2 months for WoB, DA, REDs, and The Godfather Patrol.


Normal campaign on natural regen a success, albeit the reward sucked eggs.  I'm trying Hard Campaign now on natural regen --


Aside from the monsters, and Samael is by far the easiest hard mode lead monster to get, has the fewest health and so the damage needed is only 171 M (as compared to 300+ M for chromus), the green crystals will be the toughest task.  Luckily I can do monster hunting on green crystal days, timed to get two level ups on those two days.  I have almost 12k energy and more than 3.5k stamina, or 4.6k stamina with solara and TNL is about 2 days.  If I have to I will refill to get those greenies, just so I get my gem, but the idea is to avoid refills if at all possible.  I'm out to prove that the devs aren't kiddin' when they said you can do easy campaigns on natural regen alone.


Here's my progress on hard campaign without using any refills.

Ss6-16-16 2

I've just done damage on the 5th samael and 4th azeron, so 6 azerons and 3 deeps left.  And 9 green crystals and the rest should be do-able with no problem.


We now have crystal shards on campaign failures.  You collect them when the timer resets and you start a new campaign.  If you succeed in a campaign you get 0 shards when you start a new campaign.

The interesting thing to note is that because you only get 20 shards on an easy task (40 for a monster task) it is in all respects better to click hard campaign for 60 shards a task.  My low stamina accounts are doing this because they can clear duels and invades, and some other tasks, even though they have no hope in doing any monster tasks.  Eventually these low stamina accounts will collect enough hard shards for an epic crystal, and they will do it faster than collecting easy shards for a common crystal.  Just a heads up.


by Elvis Presley