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The Deathrune Raids – The Diamond in the Rough for Castle Age

With the recent addition of divine gear and monsters there is an obvious race to collect it all. However, I am going to argue if you haven’t thought much about the Deathrune Raid series I am going to lay out a good case why you should not ignore this content. Especially when you are still growing into the game. Figure you can get the most of it when you arein the lvl 20 – 200 range.

Most people do the Raid content for farming of Battle Hearts . They are the guarantee reward at the completion of each phase for some skills and eventually you get the General Chase . After that people usually move on.

Non PvP / Monster Hunter or hybrid builds – These are the Players who invest a lot of points in stamina and attack. This content is good for you. This is because have access to the same rewards as pvp builds. Your stamina based “attacks” are really invading and dueling other players . Good news is, if you complete it before you reach level 300, your opponents are not are challenging as the ones you find on festival duels / battle boards . I have a 4.1 BSI guy who wins 90% of duels and invasions in the events.

This downside – Monster hunters who invest Favor Points in the monster killing heroes like Maalvus, Dolomar, Gildamesh, etc. won’t get full benefit from them because you are doing pvp based attacks. It is best to use your pvp generals for these attacks.The earliest hero available is Celesta, your goal is to get the hero Vanquish. But at a lower level, you're best off using a general like Morrigan or Valiant who will drop extra demi-points. By using this general, you will receive the demi rewards more quickly.

So what else do your attacks apply to? Battle achievement points – No other “Monster” in CA applies your attacks to battle achievements points and occasionally actual battle points (which apply to your battle ranks). Now are you going to advance as fast as one that duels on the pvp/festival boards? Um, no way. However, you are a monster hunter or hybrid, you will lose a lot more than you win on those boards – wasting your stamina for no reward at all. In the Deathrune raid series, you win a lot more than you lose. You can also cycle through opponents in case you hit a rough patch of players as well.

End loot – the guaranteed heart rewards are nice, but the other gear is nothing to scoff at, either. The most prized one is arguably Demon Strength, one of the components required to create a Keira general. As many Keira Hunters will tell you, Demon Strength is rare to receive as loot when grinding Keira. Only Keira’s Breastplate is perhaps more rare to receive as a drop from Keira. A Dragon Talon and Alchemy#Wall of Fire are drops from the first phase of the raid. Both are components for the Alchemy Recipes#Helm of Dragon Power . One of the best helms a player can acquire easily for lower – mid range gaming. Should be a priority item when starting out. I see lvl 300s still adorned with the Helm of Dragon Power.

Soldiers earned – the Valerian Mystic (11/11) is a weak unit but Angelic Sentinel (20/24) is slightly better and Arcanist (23/20) is a staple unit dropped by mid ranged monsters. The Spartan Warrior is one you really want. Not for its stats, but as an alchemy component to the vaunted Spartan Phalanx (70/70) - This was the best soldier available until the Genesis soldier (100 attack/100 defense) was announced as the top prize for Arena #1. Normally this is a drop from Sea serpents, but it is a nice surprise when you get one of these from a raid.

PVP Builds – Why should Monster hunters have all the fun? A PvP build (high str/def, low everything else) should not be primarily utilizing raids to advance, but the beauty of raids is that you are not jumping up in exp like a monster hunter does when engaged with a monster. The 1st phase of the deathrune raid is great for lowbie players (under level 50). You can collect loot, start your heart farming and start your battle/ invade achievements with very little resistance. Especially with your pvp build. As you go over lvl 50, your reward ratio drops compared to dueling for battle rank, but you can get bored. Raids are a nice diversion which let you still advance your pvp skills but doing something other than dueling / chaining, others. Those invasion units are good to have as well, since you don’t acquire any invasion units at all in battle/festival duels. You have to buy your units if you want some protection from invaders.

Bottom line is Deathrune raids are gems in the rough for castle age. They provide a wide range of diverse rewards for all play styles. A monster style set up (with siege engines to help assist) and a nice wading pool for pvp. It is best to take advantage of the Deathrune raid content and lowbie to mid range levels. For monster hunter builds, it is good to build up some pvp achievements in addition to getting another general in your ranks. One that adds to your army maximum to boot!

Found this nugget as well. Increase your kills and decide which demi points you want!

+1 Kill Strategy[]

Refresh Version: Build one of the following links and go to it. Refresh the page after you get the result of the battle. If you lost, wait 30–40 seconds for the list to refresh otherwise you will keep loosing to the same opponent. 

Invade link:

Duel link:

Replace XXXX with the Summoners CA_ID. Opening the Raid in a new tab will do the trick.

Replace YYYY with a number from 1 to 5. Each number stands for a different Demi Point type. You can get all 50 Demi Points just by changing this number. 

  1. Ambosia
  1. Malekus
  1. Covintheus
  1. Aurora
  1. Azeron 

Replace ZZZZ with a valid CA_User_ID. Any ID will do because it won't get attacked as long as it is not in the list of possible targets (using 1 works, for example.) 

Multiple Tabs Version: Open a couple of tabs with the raid, enough so that you need at least 20 seconds to pass through all of them. Wait 20–30 seconds and then attack a target on the first tab. Switch to the next tab and attack again and so on. If you have lost a battle, wait 20–30 seconds before attacking again; you will get the same target and will loose again otherwise.

You always get the same Demi Point type for successive Attacks on a tab. To receive another Demi Point type don't Attack again, but choose another target from the list.