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Target Area is a system in Castle Age that is used in Monster Hunting.

Game Description[]

Monsters using the Target Area system have multiple body areas that can be attacked (always at least one main area plus others), along with possibly spawning additional monsters to defeat.

  • The main area(s) requires the most damage to defeat. It/they must be defeated in order to kill the monster.
  • The other areas require much less damage to defeat. Defeating them does not kill the monster, although they are typically attacked and defeated first, prior to the main area, as they make it easier to damage the main area when they are defeated. Until defeated, these other areas make it harder to hit the main by reducing damage to the main area by a specified percentage. Once defeated they may do the following:
    • Add a vulnerability (weakness) to the main area, such as Wind vulnerability.
    • Prevent additional monsters from being summoned.
  • Some monsters with Target Areas also randomly summon an additional monster to players that are attacking their other areas until they are defeated. Only that specific player is able to attack the additional monster, and the player is marked with a symbol next to their name in the leaderboard. Damage done to it is not recorded on the leaderboard. Until the additional monster is defeated, it reduces damage to other parts of the main monster. Certain additional monsters also drop alchemy ingredients. And while alive, some of them make it harder to hit the main by reducing damage to the main area by a specified percentage.

Attacking a Target Area Monster[]

To attack a monster which uses Target Area, you must first select the area that you will attack (an icon on the screen), and then perform your attack. Additionally summoned monsters must also be selected in the same way.

Monsters using Target Area[]

The following monsters use the Target Area system:

Starting with Cronus Astaroth, some of them also use the Stance system.


  • The system was first introduced with the release of Urmek on April 16, 2012.
  • When Urmek was released, Target Area was added onto Fenix.