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The Mug & Hammer[]

Celesta's Quests!
Celesta's Quests relate to the origins of the heroes of Castle Age. Currently Strider, Sophia, Dragan and Penelope have origin quests. Each quest is similar to a 'choose your own adventure novel' with different options being presented to the player.
As a player traverses a quest they earn experience and advance the quest's 'plot'. During a quest you will also receive Alignment Points. Alignment points come in three categories: Good Alignment Good, NeutralAlignment Neutral, and EvilAlignment Evil. Often the color of the button to move from one area to the next reflects the alignment associated with that action. Alignment points seem to be what determines the reward you earn from successful completion of the quest.
It is possible to fail the quests depending on which path is taken a player receives no reward on quest failure. Succeeding the quest may reward a player with special items or Hero Medals (Hero Medal). Hero Medals are specific to the hero who earns them, and for each medal earned by a hero their maximum level is increased by 1. For example, if you have 2 Strider Hero Medals and 1 Dragan Hero Medal you will be able to achieve level 6 with Strider and level 5 with Dragan.

      • Warning *** If these quests are not completed in a timely fashion, Castle Age will wipe the progress you have made, resetting all points gained to zero, requiring you to start each task again from the beginning, resulting having to respend hundreds of energy to acquire the objects/hero medals. As of yet, the developers have not responded to inquiries about this phenomenon.

Strider, The Rogue Assassin[]

Origins: Strider - Learn the origins of Strider as he travels through the Land of Fire on a quest to complete his assassination contract!


  • 14 Good Alignment points: Redeeming Light (+5 Energy when Strider is equipped)(Redeeming Light)
  • 14 Evil Alignment points: Amulet of Despair (+2 Attack to Strider)(Amulet of Despair)
  • 7 Good Alignment points: 1x Strider Hero Medal (Strider Hero Medal)
  • 7 Evil Alignment points: 1x Strider Hero Medal (Strider Hero Medal)
Strider's Quest

Strider's Choices tree (Full Resolution: 1024x768)

You are rewarded one medal after completing the quest selecting the Good alignment choice when available. Your total Good alignment points accumulate to 7 at the end of the quest, with a total cost of 80 energy points. You are rewarded one medal after completing the quest selecting the Bad alignment choice when available. Your total Bad alignment points accumulate to 9 at the end of the quest, with a total cost of 105 energy points (because of the last choice which requires 10 X 3 energy to "Kill all the witness").

Neutral points do not seem to give any rewards, and even if they are needed to receive the other rewards combined with the good and bad alignment points, you will still get them as you need them to proceed certain steps of the quest.

Important!: Read carefully because you can fail the quests. At the point where you have to chose between "Lie" and "Ignore". If you select "Ignore", you are caught and fail the quest. Similarly, when you are presented with "Believe the barkeeper" and "Lies, Lies, Lies" the correct one is "Lies, Lies...",

Full Quest Text[]

Sophia, Destiny of the Fey[]

Origins: Sophia - Learn the origins of Sophia as she begins her adventure through Valeria!


  • Accept the bow from the merchant: Cursed Bow (-5 Attack to Sophia)(Cursed Bow)
  • Give Cursed Bow & 100 Gold to shopkeeper: Arcane Bow (+6 Attack to Sophia) (ArcaneBow)
  • 14 Good points: Sophia Hero Medal (Sophia Hero Medal)
  • 14 Evil points (only 12 Evil points, with the presence of Orc Skull): Sophia Hero Medal (Sophia Hero Medal)
  • Dragon Tooth: +1 temporary attack (if you have this while wielding Cursed Bow, the attack stat of Sophia will become 0 instead of -1)

Festival Tavern quests Sophia Schema

Sophia's Choices Tree (Full Resolution: 4124x929)

Sophia's Quest

Sophia's Choices tree (Full Resolution: 2048x1536)

Festival Tavern quests Sophia Choix

Sophia's Choices table (Full Resolution: 1326x1180)

Tree of choices Table of choices and total points

Short walkthrough[]


  • The maximum number of Alignment points one can gain from a single traversal of this Quest is 8.
  • Since a total of 26 Alignment points are needed to get the two hero medals it is necessary to traverse the quest more than 3 times.
  • It may be possible to do a partial traversal (ending in failure) before doing the successful traversals in order to save some energy.

Full Quest Text[]


Dragan, Heart of the Warrior[]

Origins: Dragan - Learn the origins of Dragan as he travels through the Land of Fire on a quest to conquer his enemies!


  • 2x Dragan Hero Medals (Dragan Hero Medal)
    • 1x Dragan Hero Medal requires 9 Alignment Good
    • 1x Dragan Hero Medal requires 6 Alignment Evil
Festival Tavern quests Dragan Choix

Dragan's Choices table (Full Resolution: 3984x892)

The best way to have BOTH amulets in ONE TIME cost 455 EXP and is :
- Do 1 time : Accept > Seek trainer > Fire > Fight > Mercy > Train counter > Return (Total = -90exp+2G+1N)
- Do 6 times : Seek sorcerer > Head North > Save > Accept > Return (Total = -50exp+1G+1E)
- To finish : Slay > Consume > Return (Total = -65exp+1N+1E)

Table of choices and total points

Festival Tavern quests Dragan Schema

Dragan's Choices tree (Full Resolution: 3964x1232)

Dragan's Quest

Dragan's Choices tree (Full Resolution: 1024x768)

Dragan map
Tree of choices


  • If you train an ability you have already trained you will receive a second copy of the item.
    • Currently unknown if this will affect successful quest completion.
  • The Arundji branch of the "Trainer" quest line seems to always end with failure regardless of items.
  • I got the first hero medal with 9 good, 8 neutral, 5 evil.
  • Got both medals at 9 good, 7 evil.

Short walkthrough x2[]

Full Quest Text[]

Penelope, Priestess of the Silver Light[]

Origins: Penelope - Learn the origins of Penelope as she proves herself to become a prodigy of the Silver Light!


  • 1 riddle solved: Silverlight Training Manual (+2energy when Penelope is equipped) (Silverlight Training Manual)
  • 3 riddles in each passage solved : Faith Amulet (+6stamina when Penelope is equipped) (Faith Amulet)
  • 2x Penelope Hero Medals (Penelope Hero Medal)


  • They have updated the quest so that if you complete it successfully on your first attempt you receive both the Faith Amulet and the Silverlight Training Manual, however you only receive one Hero Medal
  • If you do not have an item and you attempt to use it, you will get the message "your destiny lies in another path"
  • If you have not visited all three passages and you attempt to exit the mine you will be told "Your destiny lies in another path."
  • Going into a passage previously visited will loop you back to the start (so don't waste your energy.)
  • The order of the passages doesn't matter.
    • The result depends on how you solve the puzzle, and you get only one chance for each passage.
    • Once you're done with a passage, the road will return to the main hall.
Festival Tavern quests Penelope Choix
Penelope's Quest
Table of choices and total points Tree of choices
Decision Tree

Short Walkthrough[]

Full Quest Text[]