[[{{{1}}}|<span style="color:#AAFFFF;">{{{1}}}</span>]]

This template functions exactly like a normal link would, but gives a different color. SL is the shorthand for "Special Link".

Typing [[Heroes]] will show as Heroes whereas {{SL|Heroes}} will show as Heroes. Typing [[Lotus Ravenmoore|Lotus]] will show as Lotus whereas {{SL|Lotus Ravenmoore|Lotus}} will show as Lotus.

Another parameter in the template allows the user to change the color of the link. Typing {{SL|Alchemy|color=#CC0000}} will appear as Alchemy and typing {{SL|Alchemy Summons|Summons|color=#00CCCC}} will give Summons.

Optional parameter: Title, to give custom title text. ex: {{SL|Colossus|color=#CC0000|title=This is an epic drop.}} gives this: Colossus

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