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The Lost Dungeon is a time-limited event whose first occurrence took place in August 2020. It lasted 7 days, and came back in July 2021 with many changes: The Lost Dungeon.

This event is kind of a mini-game in which you can earn rewards by defeating Dungeon monsters using tokens. You may also earn rewards at the end depending on your rank among other players, based on how far you went into the Dungeon.

In-game Information[]

Here is the info displayed in game:

1. You initially have 30 tokens. The token will regenerate by 1
   every 10 minutes if you have fewer than 100 tokens (effective
   the moment you enter the event). You can buy 30 tokens for 10 FP.
   There's no limit on the amount of tokens bought with FP.
2. It costs 1 token to attack a monster each time.
3. Your Health and Base Damage in this event are generated based on
   your total Stats.
4. Every time you pass a stage, you can get one power (choose one from
   three random powers). You can have up to 10 powers. When the limit
   is reached, you need to decide whether to replace a power you
   currently have when you get new power.
6. For powers marked with [Stacks up to X times], if the number of
   such powers in your possession exceeds the stacking limit, only
   X stacks will take effect.
7. Every time you kill a boss, you can get a random item as reward.
   The higher the stage, the better the reward.
8. The leaderboard is made according to the highest stage reached by
   each player in this event. Ranking rewards will be sent 24 hours
   after the event ends.
9. Monkey King takes effect in this event.

How it works[]

The goal of the game is to reach the highest Stage possible before you run out of Health.

Your Health in the Lost Dungeon doesn't replenish over time so you will die eventually. 

As you climb Stages, you will defeat monsters (one monster per Stage) using the event tokens and pick up Powers while doing so. These Powers will help you deal more damage, take less damage or heal a bit while fighting monsters. Defeating boss monsters will also drop random rewards.

When you die, you can start over from the beginning and try to do better. You keep your available tokens but go back to Stage 1-1 and lose all your Powers.

Your final rank will be determined by your best performance (the highest Stage you've reached) compared to everyone else's.


Your Dungeon Health and base Damage against monsters are calculated based on your player stats (including bonus stats) at the moment you enter the Dungeon. After dying and before starting over, make sure to equip the right General Alliance and Equipment (with stats-boosting Chaos Gems for instance) consequently.

The Lost Dungeon is made of stages. When you enter it, you will be at Stage 1-1 at full Health. Each stage consists in one monster which you have to defeat in order to advance to the next stage. Monsters become stronger the higher you go: they have more Health and deal more damage to you. Every 10th stage you will fight a boss which has a lot more Health and deals a lot more damage than previous monsters.

When hitting monsters, it seems only Monkey King's ability matters (which can probably be enhanced by Layla). Apart from this, it appears your General Alliance (as well as your Equipment) abilities, stats and bonuses have no effect at all in the lost Dungeon. The amount of damage dealt, taken, odds of Critical Chance, Evade, etc. do not seem to change.

Information on tokens:
- Your tokens start regenerating once you've logged into the game after the event has started.
- If you log in the first 10 minutes of the event, for a 7-day event you will get a total of 1037 tokens at most from natural regeneration (including the 30 tokens from the start). You get 6 tokens per hour, 144 tokens per day.
- It takes 16h40m to regen all your tokens (from 0 to 100 at 10 minutes per token).

Your Dungeon Health and base Damage are the main factor conditioning how high you will be able to go in the Lost Dungeon; so overall higher level players will have a much easier time climbing stages. Luck may also play a relatively important part however, as the Powers you will be offered throughout your run may matter quite a lot. Refilling tokens will allow you to finish more runs and potentially reach higher stages if you get luckier with Powers.


Powers (also called Skills) are abilities you pick up while climbing the Lost Dungeon. Every time you defeat a monster, you are presented with three random Powers from which you can pick one. You can have up to 10 Powers at any time. Once you have 10, if you wish to use a new Power you will have to replace one.

Possible Powers
Power Common Version Rare Version Epic Version Legendary Version
+X% Damage 5% 10% 15% 20%
+X% Damage for every 20% Health you lose 2% 4% 6% 8%
+X% Critical Chance [Stacks up to 3 times] 2% 4% 7% 10%
+X% Critical Damage [Stacks up to 3 times] 20% 40% 70% 100%
X% chance to inflict Poison on your target. A poisoned target will lose 3% of max Health per round for 3 rounds [Stacks up to 3 times] 2% 4% 6% 8%
Deflect X% incoming damage back to the attacker [Stacks up to 3 times] 10% 20% 35% 50%
X% chance to kill your target directly, no effect on bosses [Stacks up to 3 times] 0.5% 1.0% 1.5% 2%
Heals for X every 5 rounds [Stacks up to 3 times] 10 20 40 70
+X% Evade Chance [Stacks up to 3 times] 3% 6% 10% 15%
X% chance to stun your target for 2 rounds [Stacks up to 3 times] 2% 4% 6% 8%

There exists 10 different Powers, each with 4 possible rarities.

In lower stages, after defeating a common monster you will be presented only with green (common) and blue (rare) Powers, while boss monsters will offer 3 purple (epic) Powers to choose from. Starting with stage 5-1 (TBV*), common monsters will also start offering one or more purple Powers sometimes. Golden Powers will start appearing along purple Powers after defeating the 5-10 boss (TBV*), and at some point (when?) they may also appear after defeating common monsters. It appears however it will always be possible to be presented with green or blue Powers even at high stages.

Most Powers can only be stacked up to 3 times. The rarity doesn't matter. It means that for instance if you already have 1 green and 2 blue "Heal" Powers, if you pick another green one you will have 4 "Heal" Powers and only 3 will take effect.

*TBV = To Be Verified

Details on Powers[]

+X% Damage for every 20% Health you lose
This Power already triggers when between 80% and 100% HP, so if we take the blue rarity for instance (+4%), you will get +4% Damage under 100% HP, +8% under 80%, +12% under 60%, etc. (TBV*)

+X% Critical Damage
This Power is not as good as one may think as it only increases the "Critical part" of your Damage. For instance if your base Damage is 200, a Critical hit (with no Powers) will deal 400 Damage. If you have a +40% Critical Damage Power, your Critical hits will only deal 480 Damage (200+200*1.4) and not 560 Damage (400*1.4) as one could expect.

Deflect X% incoming damage back to the attacker
Contrary to what one could expect, this Power only deals more damage to the monster; but doesn't reduce the damage you take.

Heals for X every 5 rounds
The "5 rounds" count resets when you kill a monster. Which means that for instance if you kill a monster in less than 5 attacks, this Power won't even trigger.


End Rewards[]

At the end of the event, rewards are awarded based on your final ranking, which depends on your best performance (highest stage reached) among all your tries. These rewards are as follows:

Title Gloucester Tungsten ore Legendary General Chest Free Chest Roll
Final Gloucester Tungsten Ore Legendary Chest Free Chest Roll
TOP 1 1 3 5 10
TOP 2-10 1 2 4 10
TOP 11-25 - 2 3 10
TOP 26-75 - 2 2 9
TOP 76-150 - 1 2 8
TOP 151-300 - 1 1 7
TOP 301-600 - - 1 6
TOP 601-1000 - - - 5
TOP 1001-2000 - - - 4
TOP 2001-3000 - - - 3
TOP 3001-5000 - - - 2
TOP 5001-10000 - - - 1

Note: It appears if you reached a certain stage first you'll stay at a higher rank than those who reached the same stage later than you. So even though your performance is mainly conditioned by your starting Health and Damage, refilling tokens and/or having a good Monkey King can help getting a slightly better rank. 

Boss Monsters Rewards[]

You also get a reward every time you defeat a boss monster. There are different possible rewards depending on which stage you cleared.

Stage Possible Rewards
  • Red Evolution Crystal x 1
  • Green Evolution Crystal x 1
  • Blue Evolution Crystal x 1
  • Aggressive Hero Potion x 1
  • Defensive Hero Potion x 1
  • Balanced Hero Potion x 1
  • ?
  • Same as 1-10?
  • Hero Crystal x 1
  • Full Energy Potion x 1
  • Smelting Crystal x 3
  • ?
  • Full Stamina Potion x 1
  • Full Energy Potion x 1
  • Smelting Crystal x 3
  • ?
  • Aggressive Hero Potion x 3
  • Blue Evolution Crystal x 3
  • ?
  • Refine Crystal x?
  • Blue Evolution Crystal x 3
  • ?
  • Hero Crystal x 2?
  • Full Stamina Potion x 2
  • ?
  • Rare Chaos Shard x 500
  • ?
  • Rare Smelting Crystal x 2
  • ?
  • Rare Chaos Shard x 500
  • ?
... ...

Help us get more data on boss rewards by filling this Google Form: Lost Dungeon Rewards
(answers here)

Your Dungeon Stats[]

Your Dungeon Health and base Damage are determined by your player stats. They are determined at the moment you enter the Dungeon and won't change until you die and start over. 

Health formula:

Dungeon Health = 2500 + (All stats)*0.4

Where "All stats" include both raw and bonus (green) stats for Energy, Stamina, Attack, Defense and Health, with the exception of the Health Rune which doesn't count.

Bonus stats can come from anything: Generals abilities, Item Archives, Runes (Attack and Defense), Chaos Gem boosts, Furnace...

The things which don't affect your Dungeon Health are: your level, your Damage and Health Runes, your General Alliance stats (but the abilities matter) and Equipment stats.

Base Damage formula:

Base Damage = ???

Your base Damage also depends on your stats. It looks like everything or at least most of your different stats are taken into account but it still remains to be verified.

The formula may look something like this:

Base Damage = 40 + (All stats)*0.01

Base Critical Chance:

Base Critical Chance = 10%*

*Conjectured using a small sample of 500 hits

This is your Critical Chance before you pick up any Power.

Critical hits (without any boosting Powers) always deal double your regular Damage, and never triple as Critical hits do on regular monsters in the game.


  • Making a loadout specifically for entering the Dungeon can help getting higher Health and base Damage. Chaos Gems with +X% Base Attack or Defense and Generals such as Oberon or The Time Keeper for instance will help.
  • In this event, for the same amount of Skill Points allocated, High BSI builds are greatly favored over high LSI builds for two reasons: 
    • They can take advantage of Chaos Gems stats boosting powers to get much more value out of their invested Skill Points.
    • Skill Points invested in Stamina are much less efficient in this event: investing in any other stat will bring twice as much Dungeon Health.

The Lost Dungeon Monsters[]

When fighting monsters in the Lost Dungeon, only the stage you're on actually matters. The monster's form is purely cosmetic.

You will fight common monsters from stages X-1 to X-9 (for instance on Stage 2-7) and boss monsters every 10th stage (for instance on Stage 2-10).

There are 10 different common monsters in the Lost Dungeon:

Boss monsters are much stronger than the preceding common monsters; they have a lot more health and deal a lot more damage. It appears they can take the form of any existing monster in Castle Age (such as Typhonus, Mephistopheles, etc.).

The Monsters' Stats[]

Monsters' Stats
Stage Monster's Health Average Damage dealt Damage dealt (min) Damage dealt (max)
1-1 500 11.5 10 13
1-2 550 12.5 11 14
1-3 600 13.5 12 15
1-4 650 14.5 13 16
1-5 700 15.5 14 17
1-6 750 16.5 15 18
1-7 800 17.5 16 19
1-8 850 18.5 17 20
1-9 900 19.5 18 21
1-10 4750 30.5 29 32
2-1 1000 21.5 20 23
2-2 1050 22.5 21 24
2-3 1100 23.5 22 25
2-4 1150 24.5 23 26
2-5 1200 25.5 24 27
2-6 1250 26.5 25 28
2-7 1300 27.5 26 29
2-8 1350 28.5 27 30
2-9 1400 29.5 28 31
2-10 7250 45.5 44 47
3-1 1500 31.5 30 33
It appears it keeps increasing this way indefinitely.
You can check all Monsters' stats at all stages on this spreadsheet:
Monsters' Stats - The Lost Dungeon spreadsheet