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A comprehensive guide for the commited and perfectionist player who doesn't plan to spend on the game but still want to take the most of it.

Who is this guide for[]

As the intro states, this guide is for that people who can't afford (or don't want) to spend money in the game but plan to be competitive not only amongst non-spenders but on the overall.
If I had to summarize everything in just one advice, it would be:
Play the way you have more fun, but take into account you might be closing doors to future fun (like going Beta instead of VHS or Windows Phone vs Android)

Let's be clear, one single purchase of 20$ has the potential to match 4-6 months of play.


In order to avoid being a boring read, this guide is divided into sections that players might refer to instead of reading the whole content at once. Though practical, this might cause some advices to be duplicated in different sections.

Stat allocation[]

What we do now echoes in Eternity.

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- Energy: xxx
- Stamina: xxx
- Attack: xxx
- Defense: xxx
- Health: xxx
- Army Size: not a stat exactly, you should get at least 1200 army members. Discord, the forums and monster chats will help.

Must have generals and General Alliance for each task[]

Strength in numbers.

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Favor Generals are usually weaker than their counterparts from Chests, but F2P players must stick to them, as you get exactly what you want AND need, instead of relying in luck with rolls. Having a few 5 stars Favor General for free is a feasible task, while having a single 4 star useful Chest General might take dozens or rolls.
Generals you will need, along with their equipment and promotions:

Pic Name Stars Level Buy gear? Equipment FPs
Barbarus Barbarus Banner star 5 80 YES
Deathbellow Warmonger Shield Wrathbringer Helm 435
Dolomar Dolomar Banner star 5 80 NO 360
Hero Queen Guinevere Guinevere Banner star 5 80 YES
Eq Rose stuff weapon Eq Rose Crown helm Eq Rose Necklace amulet 435
Katherine Katherine Banner star 5 80 YES
Queens Prayer Queens Grace Royal Armlet 435
TimeKeeper The Time Keeper Banner star 5 80 NO 0
Zin Zin Banner star 1 4 NO 30
Sano Sano Banner star 1 49 NO 0
Titania Titania Banner star 1 24 NO 0
Morrigan Morrigan Banner star 1 24 NO 0

Hunting monsters[]

Be oportunistic (not parasitic)

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First of all:
- Find out how much damage you deal per stamina spent with your hunter set up. You can use the spreadsheet HERE (link to be added)
Must do:
- Select monsters based on drops and achievements you need at the moment. Stick to a plan, do not deviate.
- Join a monster only if you have both time and stamina enough to deal damage needed for top rewards (don't expect the monter to survive until you are back)
- Never join a monster who is not almost 100% strenghtened and whose damage reducting parts are still alive.
- Spend the less amount of energy with monsters, or nothing at all: if you join monster about to die, you won't need to heal. Do not siege, strenghten, deflect, cripple or alike.
- Create your own spreadsheet with every monster in the game, the drops you need from them and the damage needed for top rewards. This will help a lot when defining your game plan and expectations on time frames to reach goals. This also helps to discern whose ctions will be more profitable.

Spend now or save for later[]

It's now or never?

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Spend now:
- Energy: unless you are done with quests, spend your energy daily, finishing the cheapest quests first.
- Skill points (SP): increase your stats as soon as you get any SP.
- xxx
Spend some, save the rest:
- Stamina: xxx
- Favor points (FP): buy additional copies of your generals and promote them as soon as possible. Once all your generals are 5 stars and you've bought their required gear (see chart above), save always at least 30 FP in case any of them appear on the Mystic Emporium.
- Treasure Island Chest Rolls: open the free one you get daily and save the rest for later events, when you have enough to reach your goal.
- xxx
Save for later:
- Free Chest Rolls: face it, chances are a F2P player won't ever get value enough from Chests, so save all your Chest Rolls for an event that rewards spending them, getting extra profit (usually once a year, like 12th Anniversary) - xxx