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The Training Grounds is a tab under the Battle tab. Its purpose is to train you to Duel and Invade other players of the game. You need to be at least level 6 to begin training at the Training Grounds. Considering that all you need to do to duel or invade someone is click a button labeled "Duel" or "Invade" (depending on which you wish to do), this training is very useful.

On the training grounds, you have the chance to Duel and Invade Celesta. She is a Level 1 Trainer. Her stats are the same as a level 1 Celesta Hero. She has an army of 3, and herself as a Hero, but she does not have any Soldiers, Equipment, or Magic.

After Dueling or Invading her a few times, you will earn a point to either your Attack (from Dueling) or Defense (from Invading), as well as 30 experience. Each level of Dueling increases your Attack by 1. Each new level of Invasion increases Defense by 1. You may fight her both ways to gain both stat points and a total of 60 experience.

Recently a feature has been added to "level" your Dueling and Invading training rank in conjunction with the Training Grounds. The Training Grounds can take you from level 1 to level 5 (max level).[1] You must Duel and Invade other players to level your Battle Rank further. You can train Dueling and Invading until you reach level 5 of each one (Invade and Duel).


  1. Tied to your current level. Level 2 unlocks when you reach level 20, Level 3 at level 30, Level 4 at level 40 and Level 5 at level 50.