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Hi there Castle Age players! I am one of you since I meet this game, back in September 2010. Instead of leaving this addiction, not only I play the same (or more) but I also spend time updating & revamping the wiki.

Now seriously, I edit the wiki as my way to give something back to the community. I tried to gather feedback and consensus about the pattern to be followed, but it is really difficult to find something that fits us all. If you are a man of numbers, you might like the chart that summarizes all; if you are a man of words, you'll prefer the detailed description. Even if you don't like any of them, you'll still find the Alchemy, IA and Achievements sections useful.


  • How to summon and monster pic (to the right)
  • Basic Information: Chart (with monster life, targets, resistances and loot thresholds), text string for monster chat, participants.
  • Additional info with several sections: Target areas (if needed), Piercing/Resistance (if needed), Divine Armor (if needed), Siege Weapons, Lore (collapsed), Rewards while fighting (if needed), Rewards after slaying (with detailed loot thresholds), Alchemy, Item Archives, Achievements, Notes.


  • Regarding language: I am not a native English speaker and even though I try my best, you might find grammar errors or alike; please feel free to correct them.
  • Regarding the use of "," and "." in numbers: we have an International Organization for Standardization, and its ISO rules regarding this, but not many people cares about it or is used to see it. More or lees it says: from 0 to 9999, nothing; from 10 000 on, a blank space each three digits (counting from the right); use a comma (",") for decimals. When talking about thresholds, for example, we should write: "1 Epic - 18 500 000" or "1 Epic 18,5M". Using blank spaces becomes a problem when the number doesn't fit in 1 line and part of it is moved to the next... Well, updating & revamping is not a paid job to reach this level of depth so, again, feel free to correct numbers at will. However, you should try to avoid writing the word "million" (it doesn't save room and it is less clear than the full amount of numbers) and, of course, "billion" (which has 12 zeros in most countries of the world and 9 in a small amount -US included-).
  • Regarding rounding up: I round up to the next ten thousand for long expressions (12,184,522 becomes 12,190,000) and to the next hundred thousand for short expressions (12,184,522 becomes 12,2M)

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