About me

Started CA early December. I found this wiki via the Official CA Forum. Decided to help out since I also run a personal CA database using Excel. I'm a bit lazy but when it comes to new updates and stuff, I wanna be the first to get info on it.

CA hooked me with it's general/hero system (as well as the artwork for them). I like collecting generals even though I'm not much of a gambler and hardly buy FP. Currently at 101 generals.

...oh, and I kinda hate that green twerp named Kobo.

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Ok, I'm back. After some drama and rather short retirement, I'm returning to my post and editing again. Still not upto editing as quickly as before, though.

CA Status

Battle Rank 20 War Rank 9 Arena rank6 Arena2 rank7 Arena rank5 Arena2 rank6 Arena2 rank6 Rank5
Heros Greatsword / Heros Relicblade Aegis of Kings2 Vanguard Helmet Plate of the Ages Force of Nature2 Vanguards Power Glaive 48px Whirlwind / Heroic Inspiration

Xira Zurran2 Charlotte Athenia Corvintheus (framed) Mephistopheles

CA:HoD Status



Alpha Vanguard's Doom Blade Blood Guard Greaves Frostwyrm Crown / Helm of the Demon Prince Armor of the Undying Vanguard's Doom Pendant Destroyer Signet Warrior's Doom Gauntlets

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