I originally created the Castle Age Wiki.  Considering the fact that there are a few people who do edit a great portion of the wiki other than myself, I can't take credit for the whole wiki anymore (you slackers!  how dare you take this away from me!)  I am known as Samuel The Impatient on the CA Forums, and Samuel The Name Changer on the DSU Forums.  I started this wiki to appease to my own sense of laziness.  Now... if I want information, I don't have to search my computer for several word documents and spreadsheets, or solve the surprisingly difficult captcha puzzle on the official forums.  Now I can just look it up on the wiki.  Hurray for wikis!

About Me

In real life I am a "starving" author, and work odd jobs to support my writting career.

I am in the middle of writting a rather lengthy generic fantasy series, which comprises of the following books:

  • A Generic Fantasy: A Nameless Hero and Purposeless Villains
  • A Generic Fantasy: Nathaniel Demecori and the Time Before the Cataclysm
  • A Generic Fantasy: The "Why?" Men
  • A Generic Fantasy: Return of the President
  • A Generic Fantasy: Book V: Vincent Strikes Back
  • A Generic Fantasy: The Penultimate Potboiler of Paramount Plot Points
  • A Generic Fantasy: The Root of it All
  • Green V. Gov.
  • The History Behind the Mystery of the Story of Demecori
  • The Rise of Trevor
  • Crime Organized: How I Revolutionized the Industry (By Vincent the Frugal)
  • The Legend of Sasha
  • And two other books which are currently unnamed

Most of these books are unwritten because of the whole job situation. However, all are planned out, including the two unnamed books.

The series is a satire on the fantasy genre, which both makes fun of the fantasy concepts that we take for granted, and pushes the envelope of what a fantasy plot can be about. Did you know that to have a good fantasy story, you need more than magic, hot girls, and moral relativism? It's true. This story has magic, hot girls, and moral relativism, but it also has realistic characters, diverse/likable villains, humor, as well as some other things.

The main characters/groups of people in this series are:

  • Jessica - A fledgling mage who wishes to avenge her parents
  • Steve The Juggler of (Tame) Animals - A bard and entertainer by trade
  • Cassandra The Caustic - A sourceror
  • Michael The Gardener - A... gardener
  • John The Resentful - A resentful mercenary, who fights "good" people, since it was "good" people who murdered his evil parents, and kidnapped him and raised him in a monastery
  • Dan The Silent - A mute, but very deadly, assassin
  • Doug The Forty Second - A mage who is obsessed with superstition
  • Memple The Shapeshifter - A formidable mercenary, who specializes in "mergers and acquisitions".
  • Dexter The Wise Sage - One of the oldest people alive, Dexter is a linguicist who is attributed for single handedly inventing sourcery, which is different than magic.
  • Vincent The Frugal - The (Current) Crime Lord of the civilized world.
  • Anon Ymous - A person who has length, width, and depth. Not much more is known about him/her/it.
  • Trevor The Magical - The discoverer of magic. A wise and kind person who used magic to end all wars, cure horrible diseases, and occasionally entertained the bored.
  • The Teslans - a group of people who practice the forbidden rituals known as "Math" and "Science"
  • The Church of Demecori - The main church in the land. They worship a man named Nathaniel Demecori, who was the only person to have survived the "Cataclysm", and reshaped the world into what it is today.
  • The House of Electives - The political body ruling the nation

With any luck I'll get a job that will pay me a bit more, and give me more time to focus on my writting. And updating the wiki. I should probably do more of that as well...

Epic Quest Guide

I'm using this as a pseudo sandbox for some epic quest maps that I made for myself. This is written in Vincent, and needs to be translated into English before it can be put onto the wiki proper.


  • Get 10 empty crystal in Underground Cave, use it in the dark tower
  • Turn empty crystal into a maiden soul in the middle part of the tower
  • Shatter maiden soul to capture a maiden in the highest part of the tower

  • Get 20 golem banes from either the middle part of the Dark Tower, or the highest part of the tower. Middle part is a chance drop, highest part is a guaranteed drop
  • Use golem bane in the outer Underground Cave to get golems
  • Use a golem bane when exploring the vault to get champions

Water: Underground Caves

Note: you need golem banes here, but you get them in the next quest. In the next quest, you need empty crystals, which you get in this quest.

You next strike point is the Underground Caves. Fierce guardians await you!

Enter the city!

Explore caves: warlocks/knights. 25/5-ish

Special event: you find a skeletal golem
  • Try for a desperate escape! (5 energy)
    • +5 XP
  • Capture the Golem with Golem Bane! (5 energy) (requires golem bane)
    • You capture the enemy with a Golem Bane!
  • Engage the enemy in Battle! (requires 25 army members) (2 stamina)
    • + 5 XP

Head toward the light source: warlocks/knights. 25/5-ish

  • Move on to the next part of the quest

The light vanishes as quickly as it appeared, and you are left in the darkness. You quickly light a torch and find that the new area is a large room filled with patrolling Golems. The Golems are not alerted by your torch... Perhaps they do not detect light? A quick glimmer of light down the corridor once again calls to you.

Hurry past the Golems, avoiding detection. 30 warlocks

  • Move on to the next part of the quest

Remain in the golem-filled room. 30 warlocks

Special Event! (If you stay in the golem-filled room)
You accidentally kick a rock and a group of Golems turn your way... You are detected!
  • Attack the Enemy Golems! (2 stamina)
    • You launch an attack on the enemy and defeat them. Near the area you find a chest with 500,000 Gold
  • Rush the Enemy Golems with overwhelming force (Requires 30 Army Members)! (4 stamina)
    • You launch an attack on the enemy and defeat them. Near the area you find a chest with 1,000,000 Gold
  • Make a run for it!
    • You are too quick for the Golems and escape. You gain an extra 8 experience points!

Head to the light... 30 warlocks

  • Move on to the next part of the quest

As you approach, you see the glowing light for what it truly is: a large multi-room vault filled with gold and other treasures! Some of your captives tell you that the key to conquering the Dark Tower is here.

Explore vault! Warlock/Knight 10/20

  • You stay in this area until you run out of rounds
Special Event:
There is a rumble of heavy steps coming in your direction from behind a wall. With a loud crash, the wall is destroyed, and from the gaping hole where the wall stood, a large warrior enters, accompanied by several Skeleton Golems.
Champion: So I have found you!
  • Use a Golem Bane to control the Golems and capture the Champion! (5 energy)
    • You gain control of the Golems with the Golem Bane and use them to catch the Champion off Guard! You capture the Champion.
  • Run Away
    • Your path of escape is cut off, and you narrowly survive the attack! You take 5 damage!
  • Rush enemies and attack (requires 30 army members)
    • All enemies are defeated..., and you find in the fallen warrior's pouch an Empty Crystal!

Water: Dark Tower

Note: you need empty crystals here, but you get them in the previous quest. In the previous quest, you need golem banes, which you get in this quest.

This dark tower rises high into the sky where lightning and dark clouds create a mixture of swirling chaos. The enemies you have captured speak of "The Blade of the Maiden" kept at its pinnacle.

Explore the lower levels. Warlock/knights 30/5 You rise to mid levels and the ground starts to disappear, pressuring you to climb to the top.

Continue exploring the lower levels. Warlock/knights 30/5

Special Event
The bluish translucent form of a beautiful maiden forms before you and asks a question.
Maiden Shadow: Hello my sweet. Does every man hold darkness in his heart, or are you the exception?
  • There is much darkness in the heart of every man. (5 energy)
    • The Maiden Shadow Blesses you with Worldly Knowledge! (Bonus 5 Experience)
  • I have rid the darkness from my heart long ago. (5 energy)
    • The maiden attacks, but you are too quick to react... She misses and disappears (Bonus 5 Experience)
  • Engage the enemy in Battle! (requires 50 army members) (2 stamina)
    • You fend off the attackers and gain an extra 6 experience! (yes 6, not 5)

Head higher... Warlock/knights 30/5

  • Move on to the next part of the quest

As you rise higher in the tower, you see dark spirits floating in the rooms ahead, moaning in sadness and suffering. You feel that in these rooms the connection between the natural and supernatural is especially powerful.

Continue your ascent. Shadow 35 You are nearing the top of the tower and you are hit with a rush of odd sensation. Your resolve to conquer the evil above begins to weaken. Can you remain true to the goal?

Remain in the middle tower. Shadow 35

Special Event
In this room, the Maiden Shadows seem more transparent in form, and you can almost smell their faint perfume.
Maiden Shadow: Do you wish to come closer darling?
  • Hold an Empty Crystal in her direction... (5 energy)
    • Her essence is absorbed into the crystal, changing its color. (Empty crystal turns into a Maiden Soul)
  • Capture the shadow for your army! (Requires 60 Army Members)! (4 stamina)
    • The Maiden Shadow joins you as a Soldier! (does not count for captured/population)
  • Compliment her on her beauty. (Chance for Golem Bane) (5 energy)
    • The Maiden Shadow gives you some Golem Bane! (odds?)

Head to the top… Shadow 35

  • Move on to the next part of the quest

As you approach the pinnacle of the tower, you enter into a large room filled with cloudy black smoke. It is difficult to discern the form of objects more than a few feet away.

Explore the room. Shadow 35

  • You stay in this area until you run out of rounds
Special Event
The true form of the Seductive Dark Maiden appears before you. You feel her entering your thoughts, threatening to use her powers and charms to take over your mind.
Dark Maiden: I have been waiting so long for you to arrive. I will shine favor upon you this time, but in the future, do not keep a Lady waiting in such a fashion.
  • Shatter a maiden soul in her presence! (5 energy)
    • The Dark Maiden weakens and collapses to the ground at the destruction of the crystal containing her soul. She is captured! (Maiden captured!)
  • The enemy is too powerful. Retreat! (5 energy)
    • Your path of escape is cut off, and you narrowly survive the attack! You take 5 damage!
  • Rush the Enemy with overwhelming force (Requires 70 Army Members)! (4 stamina)
    • The Maiden is defeated, but disappears, leaving a Golem Bane!


I know, I know, I had this big semi-emo rant here about not maintaining the wiki anymore, but because of the Arena, it makes me think that the developers of CA haven't forgotten their large PvP player base. Because of this, I will attempt to make regular edits to the wiki again. However, it will still be less than before my "retirement". The problem is that when I first started the wiki in October, I was between jobs and had a lot of free time. This is no longer the case, and I've become fairly busy.

What this means is that I will watch ever page again, and make factual/gramatical changes and actively help gather info on new updates. I will NOT do things like bring data over from forums and add them to loot tables. If I may speak frankly, that (S) was easily taking 3 hours a day, and no one should have that kind of time to do that crap, let alone be expected to do that much work that could have, and really should have been done by others.

So, yeah. I'm back. Once again, not that this means much, but if you wanted to know, now you do. If you didn't, I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do about that now.

Interesting Math Related to Malekus and Ambrosia

Disreguard what this said before. Lotus Ravenmoore is better than Malekus and Ambrosia for fighting monsters because of the max damage cap for monsters. Only critical hits can do more damage than the damage cap, making Malekus/useless once your attack his high enough. Rumored max useful attack (for monsters) is 1,500.

Favor Point Farming

Goal: To be able to get 10 FP using the stamina and or energy refill gotten from spending 10 FP.

Concept: Sea serpents offer a high chance of FP, using both stamina and energy on a serpent, you could stretch both to get decent FP for the resources needed to get them

  • Minimum Stats required:
  • 1,000 Stamina
  • 2,000 Energy
  • 2,000 Attack <- Worst Case
  • 2,000 Defense <- Worst Case
  • 1,000 Attack <- Minimum
  • 1,000 Defense <- Minimum

FP will probably drop at 400k damage+defense. If assume that 1 serpent will drop 1 FP at 400k damage+defense, then need to hit 10 serpents at 400k each to get 10 FP. 1,000 stamina divided by 10 monsters = 100 stamina each AKA 20 hits. Need to do 400k in 20 hits, or 20k a hit. This is easily doable, even when not at 1,000 attack with minimum fortifications.

However, 1 serpent dropping 1 fp at 400k is not likely. Randomness get's in the way in terms of FP drops. If want 10 FP, will probably need to hit 15-20 serpents to guarantee the 10 FP drops. Assume unfavorable case and that it will require 20 serpents for 10 FP. In which case, 1,000 stamina divided by 20 serpents is 50 stamina each AKA 10 hits. Meaning you need to do 40k a hit to reach goal. This is hard, not even 1,000 attack will do this.

This is where energy/defense plays in. If you fortify serpents as well, that takes pressure off of stamina/crit hitting. With 1,000 defense and 2,000 energy, if you spend 50 stamina hitting the monster, and 100 energy fortifying against the monster, you will hit 400k on 20 serpents, giving you a good chance to get 10 FP. From here, you can use the 10 FP you have earned on stamina to get a level up, and continue this positive feedback loop until XP needed to level is so high that you need more than 1 full stamina refill to level up. FP gained during this second portion (after you bought the full refill) can be spent on treasure chest, or saved up for the next full refill.

Assuming worst case scenario, where it takes 30 serpents to get 10 FP, then 2,000 attack and 2,000 defense will cover the extra damage needed to kill the extra 10 serpents. If you continue to increase attack and defense once stamina hits 1,000 and energy hits 2,000, this build will become more and more efficient at getting favor points.

Build Notes

To get the minimum stats of this build, and assuming you only get 5 skill points per level, you would need to be at level 1,200. To have 1,000 stamina, and 2,000 energy, attack, and defense, you would need to be at level 1,600 to do this. Don't even begin to think that it is possible to farm FP to get stamina refills to get FP before these levels.

  • Do not raise Stamina above 1000, the max for a full stamina refill is 1000
  • Do not raise energy above 2000, the (suspected) max for a full energy refill is 2000
  • After you hit these numbers, put everything into att/def to increase chances to get FP. If 2000 energy is not the max for a full energy refill, consider putting more points into energy.
  • Do not raise damage+defense on serpents to more than 400k. More serpents at 400k is more efficient in terms of loot drops than less serpents at more damage.
  • It may never be possible to have enough attack to get 10 favor points from 1,000 stamina. Or if it is possible, it'll take a lot of attack, maybe 4,000-5,00 attack is needed. Clearly more skill points than if you try to use defense/energy as well.

Note to Self

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