This article is about the monster. For the hero, see Vincent (hero)

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Basic Information

Vincent can be summoned by spending 200 energy on the Guild Monster page. Guild members contribute 20 energy per click, for which they are rewarded with gold and experience points.

Vincent is fought similar to Guild Battles. Only members of the summoning guild can fight Vincent and his army. Each guild member's class is set when Vincent is summoned. Vincent and his minions will not fight back against the attacking guild, although guild members can still lose to any member of Vincent's army if they have low attack/defense stats.

Your stats only determine if you will win or lose your duels, like in a conventional guild battle. Damage/Stamina ratio is the same for everyone regardless of stats, and the only damage modifier applied is due to the Rogue ability (+100/stamina), Deianira (+200/stamina for guild monsters, unlike the +20/stamina for guild battles), Gabrielle (+30/stamina), or Deshara (+40/stamina if rogue as class).

Vincent has significantly less health than Alpha Vincent and is much easier to hit.

Special Information

Siege Weapons

While fighting Vincent, there are 5 siege weapons that can be launched to deal extra damage.
All Siege Weapons hit Vincent and are unaffected by blocks and resistances.
*Vincent has 487,500 HP

Name Clicks Damage Dealt

%HP Dealt*

Catapults Catapults 30 11,250 dmg
375 dmg/click
2.31 %
0.08 % per click
Ballista Ballista 60 16,900 dmg
282 dmg/click
3.47 %
0.06 % per click
Fire Catapult Fire Catapult 90 22,500 dmg
250 dmg/click
4.62 %
0.05 % per click
Phoenixes Phoenixes 120 28,000 dmg
233 dmg/click
5.74 %
0.05 % per click
Blizzard Blizzard 200 33,750 dmg
169 dmg/click
6.92 %
0.03 % per click
Totals 500 112,400 dmg
225 dmg/click
23.06 %
0.05 % per click

Enemy Data

Unit Level Class Health Weapon Off-hand Helmet Armor Amulet Glove Magic
100 Rogue 487,500
Ancient Tome.jpg
Nightcraft Helm.jpg
Bloodlord Plate.jpg
Bloodwell Pendant.jpg
Slayers Embrace.jpg
Swarm of Darkness.jpg
Vampire Lord.jpg
Vampire Acolyte
65 Mage 1300
Vampiric Blade.jpg
Ancient Tome.jpg
Nightcraft Helm.jpg
Blood Vestment.jpg
Fear Charm.jpg
Slayers Embrace.jpg
Shadow Blast.jpg
Succubus Minion
60 Cleric 1200
Prismatic Staff.jpg
Ancient Tome.jpg
Gilded Tiara.jpg
Archmage Robes.jpg
Skullstone Relic.jpg
Halcyon Glove.jpg
Mind Control.jpg
Greater Werewolf.jpg
Lesser Werewolf
50 Rogue 1700
The Dreadnought.jpg
Cowl of the Avenger.jpg
Lycan Armguard.jpg
Wolfbane Trinket.jpg
Nightcraft Gauntlets.jpg
Wolf Spirit.jpg
Skeleton Knight.jpg
Skeleton Soldier
40 Warrior 2100
Berserker Shield.jpg
Helm of Fear.jpg
Nightcraft Plate.jpg
Deathrune Signet.jpg
Hands of Darkness.jpg
Demonic Circle.jpg


Rewards After Slaying Vincent

Rare Drops Epic Drops

Crimson Cloak.jpg Crimson Cloak
Armor: Attack:8 Defense:20

Skeleton Knight.jpg Skeleton Knight
Soldier: Attack:18 Defense:27

Greater Werewolf.jpg Greater Werewolf
Soldier: Attack:27 Defense:18

Mark of the Empire.jpg Mark of the Empire
Amulet: Attack:12 Defense:12

Zenarean Bow.jpg Zenarean Bow
Weapon: Attack:14 Defense:18

Arcanist.jpg Arcanist
Soldier: Attack:23 Defense:20

Hellkite Minion.jpg Hellkite Minion
Soldier: Attack:32 Defense:27

Exsanguinator.jpg Exsanguinator
Weapon: Attack:32 Defense:22

Bloodlord Plate.jpg Bloodlord Plate
Armor: Attack:26 Defense:14

Swarm of Darkness.jpg Swarm of Darkness
Magic: Attack:20 Defense:16

Gladiator.jpg Gladiator
Soldier: Attack:35 Defense:24

Orc Champion.jpg Orc Champion
Soldier: Attack:50 Defense:50


  • Your class for the battle is whatever you have selected at the moment Vincent is summoned. As with Guild Battles, if you want to change your class, be sure to do it before you summon the monster.
  • 20k of damage qualifies for 2 epic and 3 rare drops (according to this document).
  • Battle participants should coordinate the summoning, so all participants can set their desired classes.
  • Battle Activity Points = the amount of damage inflicted. Has a fixed range amount of damage per hit.
  • To defeat Vincent and his minions, you must bring their health down to 0 (unlike Guild Battles where you have to bring health under 200).
  • A battle loss to a cleric restores 10 health to every enemy in the tower, even those that are dead.
  • Vincent has between 487,470 ~ 487,505 health.
  • Vincent's health varies depending on guild size[citation needed]. Guild size and dmg: Vincent 1: 16.11.13: dmg 620,336; guild members: 10, average level of members: 95,6. Vincent 2: 22.11.13: dmg 695,076; guild members: 22, average level of members: 83,2
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