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"A spirit that has crossed the aether void and come back to this plane, Voltair haunts the land looking for his physical body."
Special Ability
While equipped, +X% crit hit chance on a monster
Recruit Method
First Oracle Special

Only available until you reach 20th level.

Stats & Levels[]

Level Attack Defense Ability
1 9 9 +0.5% Critical Hit
2 10 10 +1% Critical Hit
3 11 11 +1.5% Critical Hit
4 12 12 +2% Critical Hit
SET 13 13 +2% Critical Hit

+2 Max Energy

Associated Equipment[]

Aether Scepter
  • Aether Scepter (4 Attack, 3 Defense) - Weapon
    Instilled with powerful arcane energies, Voltair wields the power Aether Scepter which has been observed to make armies.

Item Bonus: +1 Attack to Voltair&nbsp

Visage of Voltair
  • Visage of Voltair (2 Attack, 6 Defense) - Helmet
    The Visage of Voltair allows its wielder to view the world from multiple planes, allowing for the secrets of this mystic land to be unlocked.

Item Bonus: +1 Defense to Voltair&nbsp

Force Stone
  • Force Stone (3 Attack, 3 Defense) - Amulet
    Voltair must protect its precious Force Stone at all times since it is the relic alone which allows the spirit to exist in a physical plane.

Item Bonus: +2 Max Energy when Voltair is equipped


  • Voltair is the first guardian that is offered by Oracle for purchase (30 FPs). All his gear set is also available for purchase from Oracle (25 FPs)
  • Although the stats are not as comparable to the main CA game yet, it is normal to have such stats at early stages of the this game. Thus, it is fair enough to "predict" that there will be other Guardians to follow with increased stats, and diverse in abilities.
  • This General appears until you reach Level 20, and is then replaced with Althaea.
  • There is currently no way to purchase older Oracle Guardians like you can in CA.


  • Voltair is presumably named for the famous French philosopher and writer Francois-Marie Arouet. He is better known by his pen name, Voltaire.