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War Rank Banner War is duel (costing 10 stamina each time), between your generals collectively known as a War Council versus your opponent's War Council. There are seven available slots for in your War Council, each with designated position and point value equaling 1, 2, 3 or 5 points. Each slot can be filled by one of your Heroes or yourself. Victory is determine by the total number of points won by your War Council. There are 17 points possible and you must acquire at least 9 points to be victorious. Note that points won by your War Council are not the same as the War Points you receive for winning the War. See the rewards section below.

In the initial release, the minimum level requirement was level 150, but it was noted that, "If it seems like the servers can handle the load, we will slowly drop the level requirement over time."[1] As of 6/8/10 the level requirement was lowered to 100. [2]

War Council

See War Council for more details.

(War) Duel

War is located on the Battle Tab under the War column. You may setup your War Council by selecting War Rank then Assign Council or use the pre-selected War Council.

War is initiated by selecting the War button duel "Duel (10 Stamina)" button. The 7 people in your War Council will each have individual fights with the heroes of your opponent's War Council. Each hero will take the best available Weapon, Offhand, Helmet, Armor, Amulet, Gloves, and Magic. You cannot share these items with the 7 generals, so it is recommended to have multiple copies of the best items in the game if you wish to do well in war. However, the Castle Age "War" help indicates that no more than 3 of each item will be used. So you may want 3 of the best items in the game, 3 of the second best items in the game, and 1 of the third best items in the game for each of your generals' equipment slots. At this time, there is no way to determine which fighter will get what item as they are assigned randomly at the point you form your council but once you and your council are equipped the items stay with the individuals until the next time you re-assign your council.  This means that when you acquire a new "best item" you will need to re-assign your council in order for that item to be utilized in war. 

Winning and Losing War Points

At this point, it looks like War Points will have the same mechanics as Battle Points (though you will not gain Battle Points, see above). Fighting at someone your own War Rank will give you 10 War Points. Fighting someone 1 rank below you will net you 8 War Points, Fighting someone 1 rank above you will net you 12 War Points, etc.

  • Win 10x Duels (see Fighting below) in the Battle page to earn War Points.
  • Opponent's War Rank determines how many War Points you will gain or lose.
  • The higher your opponent's rank relative to yours, the more points you gain for winning.
  • Losing 10x Duels will subtract War Points from you.
    • You will lose war points but will never move down a Tier.


When you achieved the last rank rank in the current tier you will unlock the ability to purchase a new army unit, weapon, or magic in the Town tab under the Soldiers, Blacksmith and Magic subsections respectively.

  • Currently, achieving War Ranks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11 give five skill points each.
  • Achieving War Rank 3 (Corporal) unlocks purchasing of Ornate Axes.
  • Achieving War Rank 6 (First Captain) unlocks purchasing of Barbarian Captains.
  • Achieving War Rank 9 (Master Warguard) unlocks purchasing of Arcane Blast.
  • Achieving War Rank 12 (First Colonel) unlocks purchasing of Pendant of Wonder.
  • Achieving War Rank 15 (High Warchief) unlocks purchasing Orc Chieftain.

Note: You will NOT receive any Battle Points for engaging in a war and you will only receive War Points if you win.


  • Unlike normal PvP, players only lose Health upon defeat.
  • Beating someone in a "standard" duel does not guarantee that you'll defeat them in war - normal dueling only looks at your very best general and equipment, so if the opponent has a better list of secondary generals and equipment than you, they may still win a war.
  • Recognized Glitches:
    1. It was reported by several players that once you win a minimum 5 battles streak, you probably would end up with a mightier group of your level, thus making it harder to continue the streak after you achieve rank 3. For example, if you are level 300 and your war rank is 3 (Corporal), don't be surprised to find the game page refresh and end up with a group of level 700+ with war rank higher than yours!
    2. If your level is between 150 - 155, then it would be most likely too difficult to engage in war, because not that many players would be available for you to war with, thus you would need to refresh the list (re-click the "Battle" tap) several times, until your list repopulates. Even though most probably, you would have as few as only one player ready to battle with among the rest in the list.[citation needed] The indicator is the "Blue" button that is located at the very right of the screen.


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