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The web3 & web4 mirrors are an official versions of Castle Age that allows player to play through a browser without needing to be on Facebook. To use this version of Castle Age, the player must sign up through the new Crusaders of Castle Age form, and create a Castle Age Universal account.

Web3 login

Accessing Web3 & Web4[]

Web portals where you may log in with your universal account can be accessed through these links:

Signing Up for a Universal Account[]

No matter what platform you register on, a Universal Account requires the player to have an email address.


To sign up for Crusaders through Facebook, your Player's LV need to be at least Level 3. Once you reach that level, the Crusaders link will appear under the Home submenu on the navigation bar. For convenience, it is also linked here. Note that you must be using https in order to sign up (though Castle Age should be forcing https use at this time). Once there, sign up with your email address, and create a password that you will be able to remember. You will be sent a confirmation email, and upon confirming, you will be able to access web3 with your Universal Account.


To sign up for a Universal Account through iOS, select the More menu from the bottom toolbar, and scroll down to the Castle Age Account button. From there, you can create your castle age account by signing up with your email and creating a password. Once you receive a confirmation email with a code, you can enter that code and activate your account.

Benefits & Downsides of Web3 and Web4[]

Playing through web3 or web4 allows players to avoid many bugs that come up because of Facebook issues, and generally has fewer problems than the Facebook version. It is also the only way to play the full version of Castle Age on a mobile phone, as attempting to play through Facebook will redirect the player to the iOS version otherwise.

Another benefit of using the web3 & web4 interface is you can invite other Facebook players using army codes instead of having to add them to your friendlist before you invite them.

Web3 & web4 also don't have ads (which slow down browsers a bit) unlike Facebook platform.

On the other hand, you can't directly purchase favor points with real money on Web platform.

For iOS players, web3 is the only way to participate in several features, mainly Conquest Duels and all Festival activities (Feats, Towers, and Duel Champion).