Wound I large
Upon victory, decreases the max health of an unwounded target by X.
Rune Bonus
Lowers target health by additional (X/10)% of caster's damage rune.
Icon: Wound Icon
Class: Rogue


Level Effect Obtained From
I Decrease max health by 50 + 5% of Caster's damage rune Wrath Chest
II Decrease max health by 75 + 7.5% of Caster's damage rune Wrath Chest
III Decrease max health by 125 + 12.5% of Caster's damage rune Wrath Chest

Decrease max health by 100 + 10% of Caster's damage rune Guild Shop


  • Wound can only be inflicted upon victory and must be selected in the Special tab in the enemy's attack box. The rogue will also forfeit the innate +100 damage skill since it is not a direct attack.
  • Wound cannot be stacked, only 1 wound debuff can be applied per player.
  • Wound cannot be removed using the cleric power Cleanse.

I just tried it and it doesn't dispel or cleanse away... Not sure what is needed to be proof though 😕

General Boost

General Comment
Esmeralda Esmeralda Inflicting Wound with Esmeralda would further decrease max health by 50. With her, the maximum amount of decrease from wound would be 175 while the minimum is 100.
Rafaria Rafaria Rafaria has the same ability with Esmeralda but has a weaker effect. However, she doesn't need luck to obtain as she is a monthly compared to the epic Esmeralda.

Special Inclusion

Power Comment
Lacerate 1 Lacerate Although Lacerate has a different name and picture, it is considered to be the same ability as its effect is similar. Thus, it cannot be used together with Wound.


  • Best use against low health players although it's more ideal to wait and see who are the focus of the crossgate Healing and Reviving clerics. They will more likely to bring them back to full health so slashing their max health down could be useful, assuming they don't have titanic health of 5000+.


  • As the opposite of Fortitude, this ability is underwhelming at best. Decreasing max health doesn't mean much if active players could hardly have full health for the entire battle anyways. Also, with the existence of players with super high health in the realm of 10k's, the decrease of this power is negligible to them.
  • However, if you can roll this quick on Wrath Chest when you reach level 250 this can be one of the best abilities.


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